Testimonials for Emvelo Products

Since using the Emvelo stable+ product within the horses bedding, the stables are certainly smelling good, the ammonia has basically gone. The grooms are really pleased with it too and it’s always nicer for visitors to the yard especially those who are not horse orientated. Also as it is easy to use we now use it in the lorry as it makes the confined space much more pleasant to be in! Amy Stovold (International Dressage Rider)
Emvelo stable+ has been brilliant for Eddie and Gerry who are two neutered goats - who smell!! They think they are ponies and come into a stable at night and it has been so much better to muck out since using Emvelo. The goaty smell used to cling to our clothes but Emvelo has put a stop to that! Jenny Morgan (Goat owner)
The products are brilliant, and keep the horses feeling their best at all times. Stable+ keeps the aroma fresh, can you imagine having to put up with a bad smell all day? There is no chance you would feel like producing your best performance! So I know I will be using Emvelo products forever! Alice Pearson(Professional Event Rider)
I particularly like the spray product which is fantastic to use in the lorry especially when you have a lorry load of event horses that are stood on their feet for most of the day. I would recommend it to anyone that hates having to put up with a smelly lorry or stable! Harry Dzenis (Professional Event Rider)
I started with the spray on Saturday. I am actually really pleased, I no longer smell like an old peoples home!!! I can go into a supermarket and not worried about being thrown out. I normally avoided this by dousing myself in Impulse, still no handsome men leapt out from behind the deli counter offering my flowers! Maybe it's just not that powerful! Seriously though, what a difference, I haven't smelled the ammonia thing for a couple of days. I wore everything clean the day after I started using it and there was no smell of ammonia at all. I even have been making my husband smell me when I come in, normally that would send him running, but even he commented on the difference.
I haven't heard him yell 'you stink!' before I have even opened the door, for days.
Siobhan (rider from Scotland)
We have been using Emvelo for a week now and the results have been dramatic. At VB Eventing we re-train racehorses and two of the horses went to their 1st event of the year this weekend. Earlier in the week we spring cleaned the stables and started using Emvelo we also used Emvelo in the Lorry. On getting to Isleham the horses were calm and relaxed rather than tight and excited like racehorses are when they get to an event. The only change that we have made from last year to this is using Emvelo. We also have a mare that Cribs and since introducing Emvelo into the stable environment the cribbing has subsided. Victoria Bax of VB Eventing
Emvelo's Stable+ product makes a massive difference to the environment of your horse’s stable. There are many benefits for using this product. We discovered the stable lost the nasty ammonia smell very quickly. This is a great benefit as it makes your horse’s environment naturally healthier and more pleasant place for him to live. Mucking out was easier and more pleasant as the bedding was drier so less was taken out each day. Plus the horse’s droppings changed they became drier and less odorous. Used as a misting spray it also helps suppress dust. It is easy to apply and a little goes a long way. Vicki Maris National Horse and Pony Network