Pet Breathe+ - Respiratory Aid Assists with Breathing Difficulties

Pet Breathe+ is a water-soluble blend of the natural essential oils, including eucalyptus, peppermint, camphor and tea tree within a biodegradable sorbitan emulsifier. Pet Breathe+ is a respiratory spray providing symptomatic relief for animals exhibiting breathing difficulties. Emvelo Breathe+ helps to liquefy thick sticky mucous and open up breathing passages.

Pet Breathe+ Application

Pet Breathe+ is diluted with water using 20ml of product for every litre of water. It should then be applied using a clean hand held or portable spray within the kennels, hutches, or any area where your pet animal sleeps, morning and evening for about three days or as required. The product can be applied neat to halters or a few drops to bedding material to assist with sleeping.

Pet Breathe+