Emvelo Natural Products for Poultry

For poultry farmers we can provide a range of products to help manage your birds’ environment. Poultry, especially their respiratory systems are highly sensitive and using our products can help you to provide a healthy comfortable environment for your birds to inhabit thereby reducing factors that can cause stress in your flock.

We currently offer two complementary products to assist with farming of poultry

Results of using these products have demonstrated:

  • natural suppression of the growth of harmful micro-organisms in the birds’ surrounds by balancing the bacteria in the environment
  • a more pleasant housing environment for your poultry with lower ammonia levels and is sweeter smelling
  • improvement in overall condition of the birds including plumage and combs
  • shown to deter annoying insects without the use of chemicals or pesticides and assist in the control of mites and flies
  • Lab test shows assist in control of disease such as E.Coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter
  • your chicken manure will have a less offensive smell
  • Chicken manure retains up to 60% of the energy from the feed and is one of the best fertilizers and compost materials.
  • Chicken manure can be transformed into very good compost by fermenting it with Emvelo products and other organic material, turning what is regarded as waste into a profitable raw material.

Spray+ with 'Friendly' Bacteria for Odour Control

Spray+ consists of naturally fermented liquids containing pure aromatherapy oils, edible vegetable extracts and natural cultures, which are bio-dynamically mixed in energised molasses water. We recommend using this product to ensure a healthy environment. Spray+ is a soluble formula applied to Chicken houses, nesting boxes, perches, bedding and their surroundings. Spray+ applied to the bedding assists in the suppression of any harmful micro-organisms that could cause diseases in the chicken house and with the manure drying quicker making it less odorous.

This product is applied after the sheds have been cleaned and prior to introducing the chickens to the shed/hen house. For broilers this is generally applied just prior to introducing day old chicks. For Layers we would recommend regular intervals of spraying in line with required cleaning programmes. This would be 2-3 times a week in the summer and about once a week at other times of the year. Spray+ assists in promoting a healthy environment.

Breathe+ - Respiratory Aid Assists with Breathing Difficulties

Breathe+ is a water-soluble respiratory spray comprising blend of the natural essential oils which provides symptomatic relief for breathing difficulties. Emvelo Breathe+ helps to liquefy thick sticky mucous and open up breathing passages. Breathe+ is applied using portable spray with a very fine mist within the hen houses morning and evening for about three days or as required.