When we accentuate the positive, we eliminate the negative

Philosophy Behind Emvelo's Eco-Friendly Products

Emvelo Products is all about supporting the current ethos of ensuring good animal welfare without harming the environment or harming your bottom line! Recent press coverage is enabling you, the public to be more aware of the impact of what happens to the way our food is produced, the welfare of animals and any by-products of food production and its impact on our environment. Whether intensive, natural or organic farming methods are used, our products are designed to enhance the animal’s health and welfare.

Our products work for all living systems; humans, animals and plants, with our current focus on farm animals, equine and pets. With increasing concern about the long term effect on modern day drugs and antibiotics, people including farmers are looking for natural ways to maintain the day to day health of their livestock and animals. Animals use their own instinct and will seek out what is good for them.

Emvelo Uses Beneficial Bacteria Copying the Natural Environment

The basis of our formulations and processes is to copy the natural systems of nature enhancing the positive factors, rather than the usual negative focus on killing. The product range fully focuses on harnessing the beneficial aspects of bacterial growth in a naturally balanced microbial environment re-enforced by blending and using selected aromatherapy oils.

We pride ourselves on putting you the customer and your animals first. We aim to work in partnership with you to enhance your animals' well-being without impacting the environment. For this reason we will ask for information about you and your animals to ensure we fully understand any issues. This is to ensure the correct products are provided and you fully understand how to use and apply them.

We aim to offer farmers, the equestrian market and all animal owners a natural alternative that is economically viable. Take a holistic approach today and allow your animals to freely develop their full physical and emotional potential in a natural, balanced environment without any interference from chemicals, pesticides and drugs! Can you afford not too?