Origins of Emvelo and our Natural Probiotic Products

The products were formulated by a B.Sc. (Hons) food scientist with over 30 years experience in the food and food packaging industries, both in multi-national and private organisations. This includes hands on experience with edible fats and oils, including blending oils for maximum performance and extensive work with diverse microbiological cultures and processes, such as yogurt, cheeses, beers and wines. This experience has been fully employed in the handling of essential oils for aromatherapy and fermentation purposes, in the production of these products.

The original forms of our key products such as Stable+, Spray+ and Protect+ along with a range of water based tonics were researched and developed by Hlumelela Natural Products, over several years before getting to market within South Africa. The products have undergone successful trials in the field and at various academic institutions. Based on over 4 years of success in South Africa, in Poultry and Pig production and with interest from equine sector, a selected range of products is being introduced into the UK.

Farmers have seen visible improvements not only to the health of their animals but also their bottom line as well. In South Africa, commercial Pig and Poultry producers have seen improvements in Performance Efficiency Factor (PEF). Opportunities to trial these products on your site and experience improvements are available today. For more details on which products are suitable for your animals please go to our application section.