Emvelo Products Ltd Sponsors The Orchard Scurry Driving Team

Bucks, Tuesday 3rd May 2011
Emvelo Products Ltd announced that they are delighted to be supporting The Orchard Scurry Driving Team for the coming season.

Emvelo Orchard Scurry Team Chris and Paul Orchard from Kent have been competing successfully up and down the country in the sport of Scurry Driving for over 10 years and are regulars at The Horse of The Year Show and Hickstead. Their distinctive gleaming white ponies and their skilful speed and accuracy negotiating the scurry courses are always a delight for the crowds watching. Chris and Paul have used Emvelo Stable+ in their driving pony’s stables with great success. In addition Chris says this about a really tough challenge for Emvelo Stable+;

Emvelo Chris Orchard "My 33yr old retired show jumper has type 2 diabetes, he "Wee's for England". He is on a wood fibre bedding, I take the wet out (that's most of the bed usually) every one and a half to two weeks, that's the best economy I can get without the bed getting nasty. I mucked him out fully just over a week ago and gave the floor a good spray over with Emvelo Stable+ I then put the new bedding in and sprayed over the surface. Sure enough the Emvelo Stable+, as promised, eliminated the ammonia smell completely and spraying the surface every couple of days has kept the bed odour free. So 100% success achieved on a tough tough challenge. I don't think you could really have given it a more stringent test if you tried."

"I am really looking forward to using the spray in my lorry when I have to stay away from home as now I can be confident that I will no longer have to put up with nasty smells drifting through from the horse compartment while I am cooking our tea!!! (I wonder if ponies could talk, would they ask me to spray the living with Emvelo Stable+ so they don't need to put up with the smells we make???)"

Emvelo Stable+ incorporated into good stable management practise may also assist with the horse owner’s budgeting. Keeping odours to a minimum can make bedding last longer. Also using Emvelo Stable+ has shown good results on ‘composting’ the muck heap quicker, thus keeping the costs of removal lower in the knowledge that you are putting goodness back into the environment.

Emvelo makes natural animal care products which are carefully selected to provide a better environment for your animals. They focus on reducing odour, providing microbial balance and reduce challenges from insects, disease and infection.

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