how it works

How Emvelo's 'Good' Bacteria Products Work

The basis of our formulations and processes is to copy natural systems by enhancing the positive factors, rather than the usual negative focus on killing. The product range fully focuses on harnessing the beneficial aspects of bacterial growth in a naturally balanced microbial environment. The natural culture of beneficial micro-organisms, pure aromatherapy oils and edible vegetable extracts in Emvelo products work together in many complementary ways to naturally:

  • help to maintain the microbial balance in the environment
  • help your animals remain healthy, less prone to infection and stress
  • manure is less offensive and can be used as compost directly
  • deter annoying insects without the use of chemicals and pesticides
  • promote peace and calm in a stress free environment
  • reduce the offensive smell of animal waste products

Are there any side effects when using Emvelo?

Emvelo Products have shown no harmful side effects, only positive spin-offs for the environment.

How will I know if Emvelo is working?

Within two weeks you will notice sweeter odours, less flies and happier, more responsive animals.  

Are Emvelo's Products safe?

The products are all brewed using environmental “best practice” and sustainable resources. The brewing process is safe, non toxic and non corrosive. Using the sprays has shown to provide sweeter smelling animal housing areas with low biological oxygen demand (BOD) and reduced ammonia levels.

What about impact of using medication?

Experience in the field has demonstrated less reliance on pesticides, antibiotics and chemicals when the products are used on a regular basis. However, we would still recommend you speak with your vet regarding any health issues with your animals or birds.