Field Results for Emvelo Eco-Friendly Products

A range of commercial trials have been conducted at various sites within Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa, where the product was originally developed, and have now been available for commercial use for several years.

Trials in both poultry and pig farming have confirmed that Emvelo Spray+, a barn surface spray, does wonders for odour control, effluent management and control of insects.

Recent Consumer Comments:

I was initially sceptical about your product and agreed to try it first. The chicken manure is very good and smells much sweeter. Using Melela (South African name for products) for the past three years now with no problems. A very good product which makes the chickens happy!! Port Shepstone, SA
We have been using the barn spray, Emvelo Spray+ every time we change the chooks' bedding and have noticed an improvement in odour Mrs S Sullivan, Herts,
We have been regular users of Emvelo Spray+ to keep our hen house much sweeter smelling but more importantly since using the products we have not had any issues with red mite. G Brewer, Bucks

Trials of our spray based products continue to be evaluated across the UK and within wide range of environments, including school farms, equestrian centres and poultry sites. Insect free and sweeter smelling animal housing could be yours – or more realistically to your animals’ benefit.

Trial Opportunities with Emvelo's 'Green' Products

If you would like more information or would like to be participate in trialling our products in the UK please Contact us to discuss suitability and opportunities within your area.