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Emvelo Natural Animal Care Product Applications

Our products work for all living systems; humans, animals and plants, with our current focus on farm animals, equine and pets. With increasing concern about the long term effect of modern day drugs and antibiotics, people including farmers are looking for natural ways to maintain the day to day health of their livestock, animals and birds. Animals use their own instinct and will seek out what is good for them. Our core areas of application are:

The basis of our formulations and processes is to copy the natural systems, enhancing the positive factors, rather than the usual negative focus on killing. The product range fully focuses on harnessing the beneficial aspects of bacterial growth in a naturally balanced microbial environment re-enforced by blending and using selected aromatherapy oils.

The products are all manufactured and brewed using environmental "best practice" and sustainable resources. The brewing process and products are safe, non toxic and non corrosive. More information about each of the products can be found under our products section or going direct to one of the product buttons on the left.