Emvelo - What's in the name?

Emvelo comes from 'Ezemvelo', the Zulu word for the "natural state" that encompasses everything that is good about nature; abundance, growth, beauty, balance, health, energy and serenity. Emvelo is the name for a natural and holistic approach to animal care. We give your animals what they need most – the very best from nature, naturally.

Emvelo Products manufacture and sell their products under license across the United Kingdom. So why bring these products to the UK? We are all concerned about the use of non natural products and subsequent effect not only on us but our animals and the environment.

Emvelo for 'Green', Eco-Friendly Animal Welfare

Emvelo Products is all about supporting the current ethos of ensuring good animal welfare without harming the environment or harming your bottom line! Recent press coverage is enabling the public to be more aware of the impact of what happens to the way our food is produced, the welfare of animals and by-products of food production and its impact on our environment. Whether intensive, natural or organic farming methods are used, our products are designed to enhance the animal’s health and welfare.

There are no GM or artificial ingredients used within the full range of Emvelo Products.